Write to Connect

Writing help me connect to others. That meaning that it helps me understand the perspective of another person. It helps me see the way the world revolves for them. How things work out and how things don't work out. It helps me see into the world and livelihood of the writer. Even if it's a fiction writing "you" can still see and understand the way the writer thinks.

I write a lot outside of class. I use words in order to communicate what i'm feeling. It's all written in a document. I have about five other documents full of feelings and full of things that happen to me all the time. Then another way of writing that we all use is texting, emailing, or writing letters. I use texting in order to communicate with friends and family. I use text to talk to others about projects and work we have to do. Then email is another way to communicate too. I use it the same way that I use texting. The same goes for letters.