Yadi Angeles - India vs. Mauritania

My places were India and Mauritania. I basically just looked up all the information I could about India, the damage and climate change, hostile neighbors and friendly trade partners, and after having a good idea of what I thought about India, I looked up Mauritania and did the same thing. 
The 5 point framework, was in one way simple. Because it was a direct way to be able to figure out a country in a "short" amount of time, but also made you look deeply into each category. Like looking into India. I found out India was not only hostile but also trade partners with China. That was really interesting. So the way it's broken into categories is really helpful because that way I can more easily compare India as a whole and through little groups. 
If there was one thing I could change, I'd change the lack of information on Mauritania because I feel like I wasn't able to fully analyze and compare the two countries if I barely had any information on one. 
I really didn't like that there was almost no information on Mauritania, but so much information on India. I wasn't sure whether to direct my anger towards being assigned this place, or towards the stereotypical ignorance that we have for Africa in general. Either way, I was quite angry and wasn't entirely sure what to do about it.