Yadi Angeles Q4

​For this quarter, we took 200 pictures, made sculptures, copied a piece of art by a famous artist, drew a bike, and drew from observation. From all the work that I went through with the other classes, I couldn't quite focus on this one, so I didn't always put my all into every assignment. This was definitely my worse quarter, but I was able to get most of the assignments done.
In all the stress of my other classes, I was unable to do a picture from outside.

These are the unedited pictures from the 200 pictures I took:
Pre-edited flower gets thirsty

Pre-edited Gigi

And these are my final product:


Flower got thirsty

Flower takes the elevator



These are the sculptures I made:

Flowers (sculpture)

This is the art I copied by a famous artist:

This is the finished piece:

Art Calvin

I was unable to upload my bike pictures.