YATW Blog #3: Agent of Change

Hello my name is Taylor Washington, I'm a freshman  currently enrolled at Science Leadership Academy. 

In my english 9 class I have been working on an year long project called "YATW" ( You And The World). This project has been designed to get us as students to get out in the world and make a change in any kind of way we felt necessary on a topic of our choice.

My topic is Teen Depression. This was the topic of my choice if you would like to view any of my recent blogs for my topic click here for blog #1 & click here  blog #2

The last part of the YATW project is to be an agent of change. For my agent of change part I decided to make a public service announcement and post on youtube Facebook and twitter. Also I wanted to get others opinions on what teen depression was exactly. For that reason I interviewed a few friends so I could get an outside view on things that wasn't just my opinion. My Youtube subscribers seemed to love it and it was very fun to sit and record my fellow peers as they expressed there feelings. Great conversations came out of this. Changing some peoples view on what teen depression is and how it can inter fear with your everyday life.

Studding and getting to know more about teen depression has impacted my personality in such a great way. I now think differently on the way that i treat people. I always try to keep a good attitude even when things are bad. And i believe this could be a start in minimizing the amount of teens that feel depressed and commit suicide/ has suicidal thoughts.



Dejanyia Johnson helping me for my interviews.

​Dejanyia Johnson & Stephanie Dyson