You and The World: Teenage Obesity Blog Post #3

Hey guys! This is the last and final blog post about teenage obesity in my perspective. 

            During the posting of these blogs, I have informed you on how important teenage obesity is, the effects, and the risks. Getting a chance to hear out other people’s voices about this issue was really helpful. I wanted to tell you the majority of some of the main responses I got from my survey. Thankfully, a lot of the people that took the survey agree with me on a lot of things that have to do with teenage obesity. Like me, people that took my survey said that teenage obesity is a very dangerous thing. They also said that people should be exercising more. I was glad to see that a lot of the students from my school agreed that our school store should be selling better and healthier snacks.

            I am pleased to say, there has been several successful acts of change for my topic. It gives me inspiration that I can make a change too. I researched a woman named Lee-lee Pina who has posted a website bringing awareness to people. The website gives information on blogs, books, and other things to make a change to prevent teenage obesity. It also gives information on things that might have been causing obesity. 

            I want to help stop teenage obesity. If I can’t stop it completely, I at least want to spread the word about this issue. I want to get people’s attention and show them that the slightest things can help you go a long way. I have made a simple guide for teenagers to stay fit. It’s a guide that says easy meals to make that are healthy, and easy excersizes they can do. I made this guide because actions speak louder than words. I want to get people’s attention and show them that it is possible to not go through a tragic experience, like obesity. However, I think this is a well-deserved time to show that one person can help a whole lot of people.

            Besides spreading awareness, I want to physically make a change to prevent this issue.  To make a change, I am raising money to donate. I will be donating money to theAltaMed Foundation. This foundation helps raise money to start more programs to help children with their health, nutrition, and exercise. No matter how much money I raise, it’s the thought and effort that counts. Either way, I will be ecstatic to help teenagers and even younger kids with their health.

Who knows? Maybe you can make a change too.

Click to this link if you want to read my bibliography and more updated information on how important teenage obesity really is!           

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Alexa Dunn (Teacher)
Alexa Dunn

Bravo, Liza, for an engaging last blog. I love your zest for your topic, and I also like the fact that you got good response from your survey. The brochure about healthy eating (types of dishes that teens would like) and exercising without needing a gym membership is practical and easy. People like making changes that are easy, and most of the time if it's easy, people will be more likely to stick with it! Well done overall!!