You and The World Blog #3- Jeremiah Cunningham

In my previous blogs I talked a lot about STDs and what goes on in the world. This blog post is a little different. This is a “Post for change”. I will be encouraging the youth and adults to stand up against STDs and the billion of cases in the world today. This topic is strongly considered in medical facilities and a little outside in the streets. Us as people who sit bak and watch cases like this get larger by the day, can stand up and make a stand. Whether it’s going to schools and talking to kids, or just donating to Medical Facilities in order to support studies on finding a cure. WE MUST DO SOMETHING!

There is a lot being done as far as STD awareness goes. There is an annual celebration in April called “STD awareness month” which is dedicated to find a cure for the diseases and educating the youth and raising money for awareness. It also calls attention to the impact of STDs and promote testing. Adolescents and Teenagers are mainly vulnerable to STDs. That is why its important get out the message that Safe sex is much recommended and widely expressed by doctors and healthcare providers. Ages 15-24 are responsible for nearly half of the world cases of STDs.

    Family doctors are supposed to keep up with children’s health. When teens go to the doctor’s, the doctor asks the child are they participating in any type of sexual activity. It is not a guarentee that the child is telling the truth or not when they say no. That’s why the doctor goes on and tells them about the dangers of unprotected sex, and STDs. Although doctors give the child a little 3-5 minute pep talk, it doesn’t work. That is why my Post for change is to try and find a way to get that message out there either by video, Public Service announcement, or even making a pamphlet on the dangers of STDs.

My post for change is that I’m going to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement). This will cover mine and others’ views on STDs and how they affect our world. I will tell what STDs do to you and how we can make a stand. What I’m trying to do is get out and make people care about a subject that I feel strongly about. I was always scared to have intercourse when I heard of these diseases. Now that I have, I am terrified. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I just want to get out to the public the danger of such diseases and if you can PLEASE keep it in your pants. I would like to thank Ms.Dunn, Tyanna Pleasant, Keyaira doughty, and Chaveliz  for helping me with their views on STDs. I also would like to thank my father for telling me the dangers of STDs and how they affect.