Your Brain On Coffee


Science : The adenosine binds to the receptors in the brain which slows down your activity. The more adenosine there is the more tired you feel. Since Caffeine is similar in structure to the adenosine it fits into the receptors. The caffeine blocks out the adenosine from going into the receptors. If you drink caffeine for a long time the more adenosine receptors are created so this means that if you want the same effect as caffeine you need to increase your daily intake. The caffeine also increases dopamine released and makes you feel happier. It also increases adrenaline which increases heart rate and blood flow and also opens airways in the lung.   

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 affected most americans because drinking tea was seen as unpatriotic so they switched to coffee. Both the French and American revolutions were planned in coffeehouses. The use of fair trade coffee is not used and workers are affected. The stats on coffee is that 83% of adults drink coffee which is an estimated 587 million cups a day are consumed.   

Self: I'm a coffee lover and wanted to know more about the drink I drink almost everyday.