Zaire's Art Slide Show

​My first artistic piece was my best, a ceiling tile painting of one of my old favorite games, "Ratchet and Clank". Before creating this painting I wanted to work on something that could be challenge for myself and enjoy at the same time to see how skillful I am. To start off this project, I first did a short trace with a pencil around the two characters head to make sure I'm painting in the right area. Then, I used different mixtures of colors to find the right kind I needed to for certain places. Going into my second period of working on this project, I started painting Clank first because I thought since he's a robot and there's not much detail to him, he'll be better to start off. While painting I tried to get mix colors in at the top of his head based on how the shading was in the picture. During that second period and in the beginning of the third working period I finished Clank. For the rest of that time, I started on Ratchet, but he was a little difficult to paint because he had much more detail on his face and armor. Then, I didn't have the brown I need for his face so I had to mix more colors together to make sure it was close to how he looked. I then had one more working period to finish, so I made the decision to skip my lunch and work on it two periods. throughout thoughts period I finished Ratchet, fixed up Clank a little and added the background with good detail. When I was finished I thought I put in hard work to finish it but it was a lot that could have been better and done differently.
For my second artistic piece. I wasn't exactly what I wanted. The project was to make a "Fall wall hanging". for my first two working periods I had no clue what to make at all, there were different option but I did right like them. Until I something Halloween related. What I did first was, sketch out the picture on a paper and took my time on it. Because I took too long to find a something to make I did have much time to take, but I made it work. After my sketch, I found out it didn't me the expectation so I had to think of something to add on to it. I decided to get some colored construction paper, cut out different colors with the shape of my drawing and glued it all on top. It didn't come out how I wanted it to look but I didn't have enough time to add on so I had to submit what I had. What I could have done differently was manage my time wisely and good have gotten a better result.
  For my final artistic piece of the quarter. We had to work on a self-portrait, one of the hardest art pieces to work on for me. I first went through my photo gallery and search for an image of me that wasn't too difficult. Throughout this project, I felt that I was too focus on detail and not drawing out everything first. What I did was finish one part of the face then moved on to the next such as the head shape, then the nose, then the mouth and so forth. I took so long doing that, that I had to take my project home and finish before the time it's due. When I thought I was finished I tried to take multiple pictures to submit it but the picture was too dark then to light, my lighting was off so I had to color it. I really could take my time on that because I had less than an hour to finish so  I just made should it was colored in the right areas. It was much better to see but it was how I want it. Again, to make this project better I could have handled my timing better.