Zakee Jones Capstone

As the time I have spent at SLA me and my partner have been gathering data on people around Philadelphia and have put together a documentary on people's opinion on what  should do to solve this problem of Philadelphia neighborhood crime. This video is trying to get people to be awear of the situation that the city is in. During my time with this video I really learned about about Philadelphia history and the people surrounded by it.

Zakee Jones  


  1. The Dynamics of Neighborhood Change in Brewerytown, Philadelphia

Summary- So When I reading this Korobin rob was giving his report on a neighborhood named  Brewerytown. and to pretty much sum up his whole article on it was that  it was doing really poor  so they pretty much abounded it and the city stop working on it for the moment until  over time the city budget brought back enough to get most of the house back. But by the time this happened. most of the Neighborhood had a different type of local and they where happy with the way it was. so he was trying to find out is it the right thinking for the city to take it back but it isnt that great looking.

 Spot crime is  like a Neighborhood crime watch that looks at all of the  crimes that goes on in each Neighborhood in philly. And that helps a lot because when we are traveling we can look at the really bad Neighborhoods that people talk about so we can look at the when the changed that first  happenedduring the time period. as it shows on the charts.

Southwest Center City is the neighborhood bounded by South Street, Broad Street, Washington Avenue, and The Schuylkill River. It's an area sometimes called South of South or Graduate Hospital they are pretty much are trying to clean up the city over all. they see phily as one whole neighborhood over all. WCC is growing at an amazing pace. Everywhere you look, new row homes, new corner cafes, restaurants, and bars are adding to the amenities that have long characterized this neighborhood. All of these things make Southwest Center City a great place to live and work it involved with other program like the ymca also.

This neighborhoods talks about the origins of what philly was like before what was going on in the city. they were going into detail of each place in the city was like at one point.It was giving me a ideal of what it places were like. I think that this could be helping me a lot with notes at brings me up to speed with it time era.

This has to be one of my best scores so far because this has a data base telling me everything that from tribe times to the current times on what locals where like back then. it gives you what life has changed for people living in center city and  events that happen during that  neighborhood. if it could talk about crimes happening during that time that could also really help me with this capstone a lot more.

During the city history a neighborhood name appeared many times in our sources. Bridesburg, for example, first appeared on the 1839  map we consulted and then reappeared in 15 other of our sources up to the present day. Logan, which many Philadelphia-neighborhood aficionados think of as old, appeared in none of our early sources. Of course, Logan is in this list, as are truly esoteric neighborhoods. it was mapped out all around the city. old building that people are trying to fix to stop hight people from buying it

This lady named Tara clapper is talking about her own personal history with north philly because growing up he school and  her neighborhood was all she had. Crime rates and murder where up really high so she talks about how it wasn’t really safe for her to do anything out side. North Philly was historically a more prosperous area. Today, some sections of this neighborhood at large are undergoing attempted gentrification. The Neighborhood Transformation Initiative garnered funding to demolish abandoned and decrepit buildings, replacing them with newer tract homes. She just brings up  facts that happens in the city and the causes of things.

This website shows a map that is pointing put where crimes are being committed the most common place that people talk about. the city itself has so much going on that the.Dating back to Jan. 1, 2006. Each incident is tagged to a location in the city, making it possible to map assaults across the years, or vehicle thefts near your home address within the last 30 days. this can help in so many ways with knowing how to date the history of of philadelphia. a  group named town watch is looking over philly so far they are trying to make the city safe for all but hey aren’t sure how can they bring the people togeather. they take groups of people to walk around philly. the way the site works is that you can make a request  to do a meeting fot it. people. they post documents  on what happening once a week so they like a city wide meeting with everyone. they are also connected to something called philly 311 that is like a watc station tha looks over philly for case that inloves the neighborhood.

 according to this arcitle by liz spikol she consiceders  West Mt. Airy to be the most darruougs think in philly., according to the what Technically Philly’s Juliana Reyes calls the Inquirer’s “beautiful” crime app. “In the last 30 days, West Mt. Airy has been the most peaceful neighborhood in the city. That is to say, its violent crime rate clocks in at zero, she goes deep into the history for crimes happening all around town. 

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