Zeniah's Q3 Artist Statement

Hey, it’s ya girl Z!

This art class continues to change my perspective of art for the better. The ability to be able to take your time while making art pieces so you can show yourself is impacting.. Throughout the course, I’ve learned how to do different methods of drawing, painting, and simply creating art. The first two weeks assignment was to create a bicycle drawing. The task was to draw a bike as if it was a real one. It was very difficult at first to not want to trace anything, but I was able to use my imagination to visual it. I decided to make my bike black and red because those are most common. I tried creating good handlebars, but it did not work out as planned. The way I made the circles so large was with a pan. I used different materials to make my bike. The next task was very fun to do. It was the “Optical Illusion”. I always enjoy being able to draw something that reminds me of my childhood, it’s something I love to do. I like it because art always reminds me of the little girl I once was who loved to color. I used a ruler and the outline of a brick wall to be able to do my optical illusion. I, used, another circular object to create the circle. I colored it in marker because I knew it would make it pop out more. We didn’t have to only create one, but two illusions. The first was my own and the second I had to follow directions. I paid close attention to the instructions to do it. I used a number 2 pencil for the shading. After this, we had to create an eye drawing.. This assignment was a little difficult in finding exactly how I wanted to do it. I knew I didn’t want to do something that looked basic. I researched eye drawings and found one I actually liked. I knew it was going to be hard at first, but I continued to use it as inspiration for my own. I drew it onto the the paper with a pencil and had to erase many times. I did it lightly because if it was dark it would not have came out how I wanted it to. I used shading to create that real eye effect. My last piece is really my favorite. It’s a wolf mandala. I really wanted to do something different because I knew others were going to be the typical circle mandalas. I drew everything with pencil and outlined everything with marker. It was more complex than I had originally planned. & Once again, this is me; Zeniah Navas.