"A Boundary No-One Wants to Cross" by Micah Getz

Karen von Winbush had crossed a boundary, not through anyones choice or intention, but through random chance. People can't relate to her as well, and her whole entire style of life has been changed. Karen's whole life changed after she learned she had the incurable Lupus.

English Interview- Draft Q3

Through out this process, I was just glad that I could interview Karen. When I interviewed her she had had a hard day, she had been released from the hospital three days before, and only that day she had gone to the doctors office. At the doctors, she had been given the wrong prescription, then given a medecine to which she was allergic, and the it took so long that by the time she had gotten home she was on the last gasp of air that she had in her respirator. I'm glad that I could interview her, and that I could be there for her. The fact that this was a boundary that was forced upon her, not one that she was actually trying to cross, was something that was interesting to me. Crossing boundaries is something that I generally think of as a choice, whether good or bad, so this seems like a display that it's not always something that people do.
I'm just sad that I had to edit down the interview, and couldn't include everything she said. There was a lot of inspirational things that Karen said that I couldn't include because of the subject we were researching and the time limit. There were a lot of descriptions of Lupus that I would have liked to include, and there were a few descriptions of how she had to leave her work, but I was glad that I could put in what I could.

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