A Forgotten Hero-Koffi


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Kamil Kielar (Student 2019)
Kamil Kielar

Wow, I think I am nearly speechless. This one of the best stories I had read all day and I was so shocked about how smoothly the story line had flowed. You had been able to experience the character from start to finish and you had been taken on an incredible emotional rollercoaster. The character was solid and the transition between the physical conflict and the emotional conflict was beautiful.

James Klenk (Student 2019)
James Klenk

I really like your story because the character really came to life and that there personally and past really came present as the story went on and that it was interesting how the story unfolded

William Huang (Student 2019)
William Huang

The speaker really came to life for me. He is a veteran who fought for America, but doesn't get compensated for his service, and instead gets treated disrespectfully by the very people he fought to protect. It stood out to me because it showed that veterans have lives and needs just as everyone else does.