ACE Mentor Program ILP

My ILP is with the ACE Mentor Program, and my group meets every two weeks to work on our project. We are working on a redesign of the Drexel Armory, not actually gutting the place out but creating all the blueprints and following the procedures that would take place before an actual construction project where to occur. It's very interesting seeing the process  and all the factors that go into redesigning, let alone constructing a new building. We have to take into consideration the amount of power is needed, the amount of air that is required, and the budget and schedule that is needed to make these things happen. Let alone all of the different people who are needed to make the plans people. It has been a great learning with professionals on how many of the things we don't pay attention too are so vital to our everyday lives and has opened my eyes to many great career paths that could be cool to explore.