Addiction and the Law

I, Byshera, talk about what addiction is and how it affects the brain. I also talked about whether or not an addict is responsible for their actions and should be tried in court.
Addiction and the Law

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Ellen To (Student 2014)
Ellen To

I think that addiction affects the brain and can be responsible for some actions. I like your enthusiasm in your topic. I also like your questions and your background information. I wonder if you think that families should have the right to force the people abusing drugs into rehab?

Phoenix Ward (Student 2014)
Phoenix Ward

Very interesting topic. Drug abuse is a very controversial topic, especially when you include the fact that there's neurological problems that stem from the first time drug use. Personally, I think that there should be immediate rehab to a person who had been on drugs at the time or something. The dealer should probably be the one who is jailed.