Ahinson Q4 BM


What did you set out to do?

I initially set out to use mentor texts to develop a new definition of power and compare power to leadership with examples in today's society. Once reading the mentor texts I had learned so much and had more to write about simply what I learned from the books. I set up a small collection of ideas and theories I learned from each text and how it could be applied to a social enterprise.

How did this work incorporate storytelling?

This work incorporated storytelling in the sense that it highlighted character development. The process of how an individual can enlighten themselves through education and use this information to make change is a story. Though not in the traditional sense, as it is an unfinished story and will remain that way until the "main character" dies. It is a reflective story

What do you hope your audience gains from your work?

I really hope that my audience can see that there is education beyond traditional school and in this new age where everyone is getting degrees it is important that you have an intellectual edge on the competition. I also want them to see that even if they don't go into business, that they should still keep a business, or entrepreneurial, mindset going about career matters.

What did you gain?

I gained a lot of new information and reflection time on myself. I go further into the things I learned in the actual text.