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I made my slide look like this because I wanted lots of “empty space” like you showed us the website. I also kept the slide simple by not putting lots of pictures or words on it. Like what you told us I kept it visual instead of putting tons of words and information on. That way it is less complicated to look at and you get the gist of what it’s trying to say. For my slide it’s hard to understand unless I explain, but that was my point. So there was a reason for me to even speak. For the purpose of explaining who I am I put a grumpy cat meme on my slide to show I enjoy not only cats, but comedy too.
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Niah Lombo (Student 2017)
Niah Lombo

I notice that you used a dark background which made the white text pop out, which was a good idea. I wonder if it would make it look better if you would have put a white frame on the picture? What if you made the text in the middle of the slide so it could square up with the picture?