Annotated Bibliography

Annotation 1:

Collins, Sarah, Karen Davis, Michelle Doty, Jennifer Kriss, and Alyssa Holmgren. "Gaps in Health Insurance: An All American Problem."
Commonwealth Fund. 16. n. page. Print. <;.

This article helps me because it talks about how people aren’t have health insurance because the cost of it is too much and that different class people are being affected by it, having low-income as those who are the ones with insurance. It include a chart that shows how many people who are insured and uninsured with different incomes. At the end it talks about how many people are having medical debts and bill problems because of the fact that they can’t pay for health care.

Annotation 2:

"Health Care." . N.p.. Web. 15 Feb 2013. <>.

This pdf  tell me about the amount of people who doesn’t have health care and how much it has went up over a certain amount of time. It also tells that the cost of healthcare is affecting many families and it ends with how the healthcare crisis can end.

Annotation 3:

"Health Care Statistics ." Health Care n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This website helps me because it gives facts about from other sources about health insurance and how much it went up. Also about where the money go to and health benefits. It also includes a graph for those who are uninsured. And it tells about how the insured and the uninsured are being affected by the cost of health insurance.

Annotation 4:

Jobbins, Cindy. "Report Finds Philadelphia’s Pension and Health Care Costs for Public Employees Growing at Unsupportable Rates." PEW Charitable Trusts . n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This websites tells me and goes into detail about how the amount of money the city pays for pension obligation and health care benefits are going to increase and how it has changed over time. At the end it gives fact about pensions and health care benefits. Then it goes to say some solutions that could be used.

Annotation 5:

John , Dodds. Telephone Interview. 13 Feb 2012.

This interview helps me because Mr. Dodds said that the reason health care (insurance) cost so much is because the companies in charge of health care make the prices so that they can pay for other things. The cost of health insurance and healthcare will go up every year and that it’s affecting those who have low income or don’t have a job. Kids are more insured than adults because there are a lot of affordable insurances out there for them. And the price of insurance would decrease if the government start paying for insurance for those who don’t have any.