Brown, Officer. Personal Interview. 14 02 2013.

For my human stakeholder I chose to interview a police officer. Officer Brown works with the 6th district. The interview is influential because I thought she was going to be more opinionated. She just agreed with the curfew and Mayor Nutter’s vision. She also said that the parents need to be held accountable because their children affects the community. This turned our project in a different direction. We asked ourselves “What happens to the teenagers without parents”. This source is reliable because it is an interview with a person who is directly involved.

"Curfews may do little to stop flash mobs." TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

I found this article shortly after reading the article about Mayor Nutter’s speech I wanted to know how the people of Philadelphia felt about this. I was searching the web and found this article. This source is influential for one specific quote. “Not just teens, but others, didn’t follow Nutter’s reasoning at Mount Carmel Baptist Church when he said mob violence by black teens reflects badly on all African Americans” is a quote from the article. I then found myself wondering if a leader is leading others, how can they be a leader if people don’t follow? Why is that? This source is reliable because it is from a news article from a respectable publication.

"Flash mob situation 'still shaky,' says top cop Ramsey." The Inquirer, n. d. Web. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

I did interview a cop but I wanted to get the opinion of Charles Ramsey because he is the Police Commissioner. When listening to this interview he was basically saying that same things that the police officer said. He thinks that this is all for the safety of teenagers in philadelphia and that parents should learn to control their kids. This source is reliable because it is a recording of him talking and speaking his opinions and the opinions of the police department.

Newall, Mike, Allison Steele, and Hill Miriam . "Teen mob attacks Seeking loot and attention."TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This source explains the details of the July 29, 2011 flash mob that influenced the curfew in philadelphia. Leslie Gomez, an officer said “"Typically, when doing juvenile crime you can see a reason for an attack. There's an aggression, there's a slight, something that sets someone off. These were completely vicious and random attacks on strangers, one after the other after the other." This source is interesting because you can see how some teenagers just do crazy things. The reason for the curfew came about because the leaders in the city thought that this would help the violence. This source is reliable because it is from a news article and has quotes from a police officer.

Simmon, Daraan. "Mayor blasts violent flash mobs."TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

When reading this article I was shocked. Mayor Nutter speaks his mind but he is using no filter. Some of the things he was saying were a bit offensive to the parent. “You need to get hold of your kids before we have to” was one of those offensive things. It sounds as though he is saying that it starts in the home, which is true but that isn’t the only reason kids act this way. He also said some things about teenagers being a “human atm”. He made this speech in his local church. There was so much religious opinion in this speech. I feel that that was also wrong to bring religion into it. I feel that his opinions and views on how this city should work is different from the majority of this city and the future of this city; the young adults and teenagers. Once again this source is reliable because it is from a respectable website and has quotes from the person involved, Mayor Nutter.

Steele, Allison, and Sean Carlin. "Two teens shot inside train along SEPTA’s Broad Street Line."TheInquirer. n. page. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. <>.

This article talks about teen shootings. Teen shootings is just another way that people are unsafe. People get into arguments and things of that nature. Although this shooting took place earlier in the day, most instances occur late at night. This shooting just goes to show how young people act. It was actually mentioned on a the same website under a category titles “more stories”.  This also is interesting because this shooting happened in north Philly but mayor nutter made the curfew more stick around university city, center city, and south street. This source is reliable because it comes from a respectable newspaper company.