Anthony Buchanico's Capstone

It's been around 6 years since I've started playing the guitar. In that tem I finished grade school, went through high school and have matured in so many ways. I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't began playing the guitar I doubt I'd be half the man I am today. Throughout my guitar playing career I had a ton of support from friends and family telling me that I was doing great and that I was very talented. To be honest I never really believed them. When I did though it really helped me to become such a more confident and headstrong individual. I wanted to share that feeling with everybody through my knowledge and interest in music by making a booklet teaching others. I know that a lot of aspiring musicians often get discouraged when they hear a lot of different things about theory and music notation. I aimed to make my capstone simple to understand so that those beginners can get started on the right foot. 

I started off with the basics of music theory, as well as how to tune a guitar and what common terms mean that musicians might here a lot. From there I went on to explain the different types of chords and how to read a tab. From there I talked about what songs to play and what would help people with their music career. I made sure to provide dozens of example songs of all difficulties to make sure anybody can try some songs from the booklet. I know that my booklet won't be able to teach everyone, but hopefully those that it can teach, it does them well.
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Key Resources/Bibliography:


Comunity. "Guitar Lessons @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com." Guitar Lessons @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com. Ultimate-Guitar,Web.

The Ultimate-Guitar community is a vast one filled with hundreds of guitar players of various skill levels.  These guitarists speak together on a forum and share their tabs with one another for the benefit of the world. Ultimate Guitar also has a lessons section where anybody can upload a lesson on whatever they please. I’ve used this to my benefit by taking pieces of different lessons and incorporating them into my own booklet.




Guitar Tab Creator. Computer software. Welcome to Guitar Tab Creator Help Section. Guitartabcreator, Web.


A big part of teaching guitar is giving a way to read music. Tablature is debatably the easiest way to teach guitar without going too in depth about music theory. Making these tabs can be extremely tedious, but thanks to guitar tab creator the pain of making a tab has been reduced by a great amount. I used this a lot so far in making lessons and plan on using this for the rest of it since it’s such a great tool.





Abe’s Book.


Musselman, Abe. A Brief Introduction to Guitar. 1st ed. Vol. 1: Self, Print.

Abe Musselman’s book on teaching guitar was very similar to what I did for mine. I was able to go through his capstone and get a decent understanding of what I can do to make it better. Abe also had a ton of good examples and sources to use. I got the guitar tab creator from this capstone, as well as several terrific song examples that I could implement in my project. It’s also nice to have a source that isn’t a website, especially since I can speak to this person personally.








Hess, Tom. "How To Teach Beginner Guitar." How To Teach Beginner Guitar. Tom Hess Music Corporation, Web.


I need to know HOW to teach guitar to people before I can actually go about doing it in a lengthy way. Tom Hess has managed to put some good lessons and tips into this website which allows me to take a step in the right direction with writing my book.  This website also talks about common mistakes, which is very helpful for me!




Savage, Nate. "Intermediate Guitar Lessons." » Guitar Lessons -. Guitarlessons, Web.


This is a good website for choosing different parts of my intermediate section. It has such a large amount of things in it that I can use it’s amazing. It’s kind of like a tutorial on my own capstone in itself.





Cross, Dan. "Learning Guitar - Lesson One - Learning About the Parts of a Guitar."Learning Guitar - Lesson One - Learning About the Parts of a Guitar., Web.


I figured that it’d be very smart if I taught the people who are reading the book the different parts of the instrument, which they are playing. I also wanted to use the image on the site to show how the guitar is laid out.




Farris, Brandon. "Intermediate Guitar Songs." Intermediate Guitar Songs. FULL-SCORE-GUITAR-LESSONS, Web.


Having songs in my capstone is very important. They provide a terrific reference of real world application with what you’ve been learning. This website is terrific since it gives me dozens of songs at different skill levels! I can use some of these songs in my capstone, and I can also use them to think of other songs.




Wimer, Kevin. "Choosing a Guitar: Acoustic vs Electric." JamPlay, 24 Feb. 2007. Web.


An extremely important part of my capstone is separating the different guitars. These being acoustic and electric. Based on what you want to know about guitar you can read the different parts of my book to learn about which type of guitar you want to play.



Crow, Klaus. "16 Legendary Fingerpicking Patterns." WordPress, 16 Nov. 2010. Web.


In terms of acoustic guitar, finger picking is extremely important. A lot of professional acoustic guitarists are very dependant on it. It manages to keep a very fast sound, while at the same time sounding very nice and melodic. I figured that this would be an extremely important thing to put in to the acoustic portion of my capstone since it’s practically required making any progress in playing.







G, Peter. "Choosing a Guitar Playing Style." Learn to Play Music. Learn to Play Music, 2014. Web.


As with my last source, this site allows to teach several different aspects of playing guitar playing such as finger picking.  This one also teaches rhythm and lead guitar though!  These also can be relevant for teaching acoustic guitar, but it’s also extremely helpful for electric guitar, which you can find a lead/rhythm trade in almost any two-guitar band!