Artist Statement Q4 (Tucker)

​During week one we did color photo edits which is something we have done before but this much more complex. This was a 2 hour assignment which the time it took me to edit these photos. I had to take the background out for one. The second I had to change the color of the picture. For the last photo I had to do both on a picture of myself. This was a little difficult but not too difficult because I got it done.
During week two we had to do a figure drawing of people that were in pictures we were assigned. This also was a 2 hour drawing on a larger paper. We needed to have 8 sketches before drawing our final drawing. I decided to draw the "golden mermaid" because I always had a love for mermaids and it came out really well. The difficult was scaling the picture to fit the poster. 
During week three we had to do line drawings that showed the element of a line. At first this was difficult until I got the hang of how to do it. I had to research this assignment to understand it. I drew 5 pictures since I had the time. I am proud of my first drawing with the apple in the hand.
During week four we did digital drawings where we basically had to make a drawing online. This one wasn't as difficult because it was working with space and shapes to create a picture. This was also a 2 hour drawing.
During week five we had to do a picture that showed the illusion of space. So, the picture would look like it was jumping at you even though it was in 2d. I decided to draw a girl who was reaching to grab something so her finger popped out at you. This drawing was a 2 hour drawing and wasn't that difficult except trying to get it to look like it was coming out.
The final drawing was week seven and eight which were combined and this was to draw something that shows the elements of art and that has value. This was a 2 hour drawing. This was a little difficult because I had to figure out what a value drawing was to me. It turns out it's not as difficult as I thought. This drawing came out really well I thought. 
Overall, this year has been very well for me and I believe I learned a lot over the course of the whole year and I am very Grateful. It's been a long year and I'm glad it's over and I will take what I learned with me for a long time.