Becoming a Man

Christopher Davis, my father, was born into an unstable situation. He was the oldest of 4 brothers who lead a life of destruction. His brothers were always in trouble and getting locked up and getting into things that were completely` against the law. When his brother Dervell was shot at 16, he knew that he had to get his life together or he and the rest of his brothers would look just the same. Moving away at 15, made his life different. He wasn't on the streets and getting into major trouble, instead he was out there trying to find something better to do with his life. Looking back now, he realized that his brothers, now only 1 left and in a bad condition, should have followed a path that he lead. 
My Song 8

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Niyala Brownlee (Student 2014)
Niyala Brownlee

The music matched it perfectly and there was not to much of it either. I like how your father was telling the story. Your questions were nice. The atmosphere was also refreshing.