Benchmark Reflection

​We  choose this topic because this is something we believe in  and it is a very controversial topic. I feel like  a lot of teenagers really dont show their view about this topic (LGBT) and I personally have experience with seeing how people treat LGBT. I like this project because we could  get creative with  the video and  we can also speaking about thing we never really pay attention to. The most interesting fact I found out was that same sex marriage was accepted in the state of California between the date of June 18th 2008 and November 5th 2008 then is was discontinued by the proposition 8. I think this project can be improved by broadening the topic and not having it relate to the constitution because you feel like you have to stay under this one umbrella and cant move out to talk about something else. It's like you wanna say more but what you want to say may not be related to the constitution. Finding out how our topic correlates with the constitution was a challenge. Finding  out a way to explain what LGBT has to do with the constitution/ the 14th amendment and then making a video about it. Also staying on track.  Working with the group I was in was a big pro in this project because we were on the same page with the video and how we were going to get our point across.  I think  I would change my process of this project and give myself enough time to figure what Im going to do, how I am going to do it and how can I make it better instead of waiting until the last minute and not turning in my best quality work because I was rushing. I learned that there was a Marriage Act that was passed in 1996 that give each a state permission to either accept or reject same sex marriage.  Only 10 states (& Washington DC) accept same sex marriage 

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