Bethany Carter's letter

Bethany Carter
favorite Spot: All of it

I Am: A student and I spend my time hiking with my family.
Years in Philly: 17
Current Home: Northwood

I love Philadelphia, all of it. I love the complexity. I love how in a seven minute bus ride I can see extreme change that makes it seem like a whole new city. I love being able to walk in the city then go hiking in the woods with the only indication that I'm still in Philadelphia is the sound of cars in the distance. I love the variety. I love when people tell me about what they think of Philadelphia and being able to say that though that might be true in one neighborhood or one block it doesn't describe it all or even a part of Philadelphia. I love the history. I love being able to take day trips to old city and even after living here for so many years still being able to learn something. I love that I can get almost anywhere on public transportation. I love the museums and being able to take others there and being able to be proud of the city. I love Philadelphia.