Betty Louis Capstone

In every young girl’s life there is the need to find out who one is, what/who does one want to be, to be accepted, wanted, and to to strive one’s best abilities. In urban communities, (especially ones that are widely populated with minorities) those important needs encouraged aren’t always steered in the right direction of a prosperous future. Acknowledging this economic error, I decided to provide my community an act of community service that helps decreases this issue for my senior capstone. As a young girl, I myself was in need of assistance of those mental necessities. I greatly lacked social and athletic skills. Then, I was directed to WINS (Women In Naturals Sciences) an after school/summer enrichment program that promotes the educational value in the sciences (especially women in the sciences) and offers a large sum of professional and development key skills as well as trips needed for the professional fields (interviews, college tours, internships.. exc.) which changed me for the better. To give back I became the manager’s, Ms. Betsy Payne and the coordinator’s Ms. Kimberly Godfrey assistance in the nomination process for the upcoming girl’s willing to participate in this program, in workshops for the current girls in WINS, and the Academy of Natural Sciences’s assistance in being a WINS explainer in their exhibit Outside-In. My initial topic for this project was “Making a Difference” to show that the little good deeds done for someone else can create a huge impact for the community.

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This source is very reliable and gives the viewer a general background information as to what the program WINS is essentially about. There are also guidelines as to what steps can or should be taken for young's wanting to be involved in the program and for faculty/staff teachers who would like to nominate young impressive girls. This sources will be very handy when I put my presentation together for me to explain to my audience what WINS is and how it was founded, what was it’s purpose, opinions from other girls there, how it branched out, and how it looks for it’s scouts.

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In this source this is a program that has the exact name as wins, initial purpose, and abstract. The only difference is that this version of Wins is a college level step up. This program in Texas is exclusively for students who are in the University of Texas at Austin College of Natural Sciences. But other than that the two are very similar. It offers a lot of outreach and volunteer opportunities that students will gain benefits with while being in the program. In my capstone I would use this to compare and explain in depth the importance of a program like WINS.

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This is a youtube video that is mostly about the WINS 30th anniversary in being of strong existence. In this video girls who have graduated from WINS along with the manager and coordinator of the program explain about their experiences and the impact that WINS has had on their lives. They also explain about the class trips, and science based workshops that go on in the program. In my capstone it would be great to show a piece of this video because my big sister in the program actually speaks on her experiences in WINS and how it basically helped her succeed throughout her high school career.

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This would be a following up example of the WINS program in Texas. This also another WINS program but it is in Colorado State University; College of Natural Sciences. This webpage states their goal in promoting women in the field of natural sciences by providing them with a large amount of educational opportunities that involve networking, mentoring and much more. I could speak on how we are even more lucky because of lot of these programs that are similar to the WINS in Philly are college based and only for college students in that particular college, while the wins in philly targets rising female freshman high school girls that are within the Philadelphia school district instead. Helping the generation at a young age.

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This is a well written essay on the importance and massive effect of after school programs on minorities today. I would use this the back up my argument in why WINS is important and why I think I chose my capstone to be aiding them in getting more girls to apply for the program. I choose my capstone to be solely based on helping my mentors in keeping a strong foundation of the program not only because of how it impacted my life but also because of how its services will and can impact hundreds of other lives in the philadelphia area.

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This is a video on youtube on a student's perspective of what wins is. The video is mostly a lot of pictures, but in each picture the girls in it are smiling, touching animals, pipetting, enjoying themselves, and each others company. There is not one picture where there is only one girl in it. This shows more of the sisterhood and closeness that comes with WINS. You’ll receive good friends that you’ll learn to love and keep for a very long time. It’s more than just an after school program, it’s a never ending cycle of sisterhood among the girls.

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This is a website on some basic information and research on the top ten female scientist that changed the course of history. During one of the series of classes and workshops given in the program Wins there is a class solely based on female scientist whose great contribution to science has led us to the discoveries we are well known with today. It is pushed on us to know these things because back in the day women were shunned on wanting a similar education that was given to men and after the long fight for such a change to be made, our reputation of adding on to science must not be stopped. Though it may seem like we are all average, each and every one of us has the potential and intelligence to do something similar as to what these great women in history did.  

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This website is talking about there is a need and demand for more women to actively participate and man a career in the STEM fields. It’s not just an issue in America, it’s an issue everywhere which is why this science based program wins is contributing economically. Young ladies that are willing to pursue a career in the stem field in WINS are in the win for the money. A job for them in that field will be ensured for them in the future for it is needed. With young ladies going into those fields and WINS providing them with enough support to be successful will help increase those numbers in which more females are needed in the careers in the stem field.

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Like the other examples this is also another wins program located somewhere else. This one is for females of a much higher educational level. It is offered the Phd students and scientific staff. This is one is much more intense. Some of their events involve scientist flying from across the world from a wide range of industries and doing conventions to learn from one another. It is said that it doesn’t even have to be all about work, conversations can range to personal aspects of life as well. Their purpose is to connect women of scientific backgrounds and career experience socially and academically to make an even huger impact.

In this article the author writes how science is just another subject in class that ladies have yet to master. Even though there has been may great women in history who have contributed profoundly to the field leading into new discoveries and innovations, there is still more to be done. Science is a never ending and constantly new subject everyday and it is up to us to keep up to speed with it and stay on the ball to conquer it. She explains that women have to be the ones to led and help situate and make sense of things that are continuing to grow more complex in this field.