Blog 3 Post for change

Blog 3:

In my first blog I introduced you to the topic of child trafficking and told you why I was interested. In my second blog I showed you some new info I found based off of my new research and I also voiced my opinion on the subject. Now this is my 3rd blog post and it’s my post for change.

In my research I’ve found that things that have been done to raise awareness were written letters to the government so they could step up and try and save these innocent children, donations, some send gifts, clothes, and on the 21st of every month you can join others in fasting for child trafficking. I think these are great ways to raise awareness for child sex trafficking. donating clothes and money could help save a child’s life.

To raise awareness I’ve made a public service announcement. In my P.S.A. I showed where the trafficking is happening, what age group it’s affecting, and how you can help. The most effective way to help children in the trafficking is to donate to UNICEF. My opinion on the subject is for it to stop completely. Trafficking is the second most popular organized crime in the world. and billions of women and children get trafficked each year.

I propose that there should be police stationed in places with high reports of trafficking. Like Thailand and all of Asia. Child trafficking is so popular that I can almost guarantee that you’ll find at least one brothel. And finding one brothel could save up 30 children’s lives. It hasn’t happened yet but I hope that it will happen one day it could be a very effective way to help end this industry.

Here’s the link to my bibliography