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How To Break Up With Your Novio/Novia...

There are many ways to break up with people. There are also many reasons why. Through my research I found out a couple of ways to say it if you want to learn there down below…

Corté con mi novia/novio.

Rompí con mi novia/novio.

Lo dejé con mi novia/novio.

Mi novia/novio y yo lo dejamos.

To Break Up-Separarse

To Break Up-Terminar

To Break Up-Hacerse Pedazos

As you can see there are many ways to let someone down easy. :)

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Amanda Millatt (Student 2013)
Amanda Millatt

-What was the most interesting thing did you learn about break ups, are they the same as America's? -I like the vocabulary used and that you gave the english meaning.