Blog Post #4

     This part of our project is the communication part. Where we reach out to an official so we can get our ideas out there and try to change our topic or lobby our voice. For my communication part i chose to write a letter to an editor, my person isn't exactly an editor but I'm sure he can get the word out there and make sure what I have to say is taking into consideration. He is the City Hall bureau chief Mike Dunn of KYW radio.

       Dear Mike Dunn,
                   Hello, My name is De'Lesha Jackson and I am a senior at Science Leadership Academy. I am trying to represent the 50-60% of young people who are not involved in the flash mobbing groups of Philadelphia. We don't think it is fair that everyone groups us together and that we have to suffer the consequence of those who didn't know how to behave. Once Mayor Nutter realizes that not every group of young people are flash mobbing then he can show everyone else. 
Mayor Nutter has made it so different age groups should have different curfew hours in certain parts of the city. But he hasn't gave any thought into the young people that just want to have fun and not hurt anyone. But he does agree that what they are doing is ridiculous. He wants equality and a safe environment for every one just like me but I feel as though his votes on this thing are not fair to every one. When reading this I hope you will have a realization of what I am saying and that you can help us to change this.
Thank you,

De'Lesha Jackson

I think this letter would be really effective, but more effective if I met him and took a group a young people who aren't involved in flash mobbing with me to help make my point known so that he can not only read but see the visual of what I am talking about. So I would try to get in contact with him to set up a meeting with him maybe even be on the radio so more people can witness this. It will be hard to get in touch with him but once I do I feel as though it would be easy after that I would just have to take the right people to help with the meeting and wonder what they will ask and be prepared to respond.