Brand Names Written by Slaves

What companies one encounters in everyday life have a foreign slave influenced work force?

Rosalie, Jesse, Alejandro and I made a colorful representation of a world map. We then did research on different common brand names that are supported by slaves labor or low wage work in factories in third world countries around the world. For example, the clothing brand American Eagle is not made in America at all, but rather by young people in sweat shops in China.  Each brand name is pinned to the specific location it is associated with on the map and brief snippet of information about the work force there is included under the flap. Will you stop giving money to these companies? How do you avoid supporting slavery in everyday life? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Look for our map in the back of the class. Feel free to interact with the different flaps. Enjoy! - Here is a link to a website and presentation about child and forced labor in manufacturing around the world.
Photo on 12-18-12 at 9.56 AM
Photo on 12-18-12 at 9.56 AM

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Sydne Hopkins-Baker (Student 2016)
Sydne Hopkins-Baker

This is a really cool project. I like how you drew put a world map then thumbtacks in it with the name brand. It's crazy how a lot of the brands are in Europe. Something I learned that Toys R Us is a place that does child labor. Out of all places that was the most shocking.

Amanda Thieu (Student 2016)
Amanda Thieu

I really enjoy your idea and project. One, because it's very interesting to read; it makes me realize that I have most of these clothes. I feel that children are working their butts off just to make the clothes I wear on a daily basis. They usually say that it's made from China, or Mexico. But you never understand who makes them. Children, Adults, "Slaves". Taking that into consideration I believe you guys did a good job pointing this situation out.

Dillon Hershey (Student 2016)
Dillon Hershey

I really liked how you guys chose brands that people know and use everyday. Also the colorful display catches your eye and draws you in. The brands that are on the map make the project very detailed. This idea is creative as well.

Lauren Thomas (Student 2016)
Lauren Thomas

This is a VERY creative and deep project. Your project is fabulously designed and well done. I feel there could have been more companies and information from this. Maybe you could have reached outside the classroom because people who aren't in Orange can't read what's written under the flaps.

Lindsey Jones (Student 2016)
Lindsey Jones

I love the idea. It's very creative. And it was interesting to see all of the places affected by slavery, some people don't really know. Very informative, and I like the rainbowish color scheme for the map.

Morgan Caswell (Student 2016)
Morgan Caswell

I like the idea of showing a map of where all these things are and what really happens. I think its crazy that we support brands everyday that do crazy thing to people like that. Its sad to think that companies that have so much influence like Apple choose to use slaves.

Lauren Hummel (Student 2016)
Lauren Hummel

I think this was a very creative way to complete this project. I also find it very informal and very eye-catching. This is a great presentation of the slavery in countries around the world and I was unsure of where some of these things were made so this is a great project.