My name is Lisa Kang and I’m a student at Science Leadership Academy. In English we are currently working on a project called You and the World. The mission of this project is to find an issue that we are passionate about and research more about it. We are using the research to educate other people about our issues by blogging about it. Another thing that we will do is having debates on our topics so that other people will have a better understanding of them. There are three essential questions in this project. The first one is, “Why is this world issue important to me?” The second one is, “How can I be a global citizen?” Finally, the last one is, “How can change occur?”

The issue that I’m researching for this project is bullying. When we first started to research different issues, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. A few weeks later, we went to go see a movie called, “Bully.” The movie wasn’t the best but it was the fact that it wasn’t that made me want to research more. I was aware that bullying was happening but I didn’t expect think that younger kids would bully each other. When I saw the movie, it showed kids threatening people and I was shocked because when I was younger, all we talked about were games. During the movie, I saw some things that I thought didn’t make much sense. In the movie, many people were aware of bullying happening but they were not trying to help. For example, one of the parents of the victims of bullying knew that her child was being abused and all she did was ask him what happened and she only tried to make a difference when it became something normal for her son. Seeing these events made me want to inform more people and so I decided that bullying would be my topic.

Bullying is when one person or a group of people are being aggressive towards another person of group. There are many types of bullying but they all have the same impact on people. They are verbal, social, physical, and cyber. Verbal is saying or writing mean things and it involves name-calling and threatening. Social is hurting someone’s relationship or reputation and it involves spreading rumors or embarrassing someone else in public. Physical is hurting someone’s body and it involves kicking, punching and many more.

Bullying affects everyone who is around it. It does not just affect the person being bullied but it also has an impact on the bully and even bystanders. The impact that it can have on the person being bullied is that most likely they will be going through depression and it might change the way the act in school or just in general. The impact that it has on the bully is that they are most likely to get into fights and become very abusive in their future. The effect that it has on the bystanders are that it may make them not want them to come to school because they do not want to be in the same position as the victims.

At this point, I’m trying to find different ways to make more people become aware of bullying. I think that it is wrong and if more kids are educated on the different effects it can have on other people then maybe they will not bully other people. Also parent should make sure that they know how their children are being treated at school. I hoped you learned something new and that you would want to help prevent bullying.

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These are pictures from the movie, Bully.
This is just really harsh. Kids are becoming so violent.
Here is a picture trying to get people to stop bullying.

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Jordyn Randall (Student 2015)
Jordyn Randall

I noticed that you told the story of bullying from the side of the person who is getting bullied and not the side of the of the person who is bullying. I think in your next blog you should give information on why some people do bully.

I wonder if you can give more information on how you can stop bullying and make it an awareness.

And i agree with betty that you should get into a deeper meaning of the risk of bullying.

Betty Louis (Student 2015)
Betty Louis

I noticed that you talked and explained about the main characters in the situation of bullying. I wonder if it may enrich your project a bit if you talked a little bit about the minor people in this situation and how they can help. Like parents, friends principal … exc. What if you get into deeper meaning of the risk of bullying and what it can cause.