Bullying Video Response

​Today we watched an animated video on bullying and its effect on people. In relation to that, we did an assignment on our identity on the internet and how we are portrayed by our social media.

The video we watched today about bullying really showed me how people feel when they are bullied. When you are bullied, even if the things people say aren't true, you begin to believe the lies you are fed and eventually this effects your self esteem. Online, I monitor myself pretty well. I don't curse or cyber bully other people. Once you put something on the internet, even if you delete it, it still resembles and embodies things that you associate yourself with, good or bad. I think that people think of me as a good kid who likes baseball. The goal of internet trolls are just to make you feel you feel horrible and to draw attention to themselves. A
nonymity allows people to stay anonymous for the better or for the worse.