Business License Flow Chart

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The task that me and my partner decided to do was obtaining a business license. Which is the paper you get that says it is legal to have a building that you run a business out of. If you do not have this license then it is impossible or illegal to make a profit out of a building. To get this license you need to file for a number of different things. But to be short and to the point you need to apply for all of the L & I approvals, these are the things you need in order to ensure that the building will be properly ran. Then you apply for a tax account number, pay the fee that you will need, and send everything in. Once you send it in you will have to wait and see if you get approved, if you don't you must start from the beginning but if you do then you can start filling out the business license form. Send that in when you are done and wait for that to get approved as well, and once it is you well get your license.

This project wasn't hard it was just very tedious and time consuming. The paperwork was hard to find but not hard to follow. The work was very straightforward but because we needed to make the information up it made it more difficult because we didn't know what everything was. But with everything no matter how difficult it was the process flowed together. I don't think I would change anything about the process on the flow chart because with out all of the steps on there you might get denied before they even look at your information. So it's better to have every little detail than to not have something it's wrong.

I think this process is so complicated because they don't want just anybody owning a business of any kind. You need to know exactly what and where everything will be, there is no time for mistakes or "going with the flow" after you get the business. It will be time for getting the money and being successful, which I agree with I just wish everything was easier to find. I think for this project there should be a hint to where the students could find the information.