Calm Among The Sworn

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Jamal Hampton (Student 2018)
Jamal Hampton

The way that would put the plot into way of science fiction was very unique. Each scene had very detailed and descriptive tive to go along with it. I also admire how well written your dialogue for the characters were.

Harrison Wellner (Student 2018)
Harrison Wellner

This was a really interesting read, I enjoyed it. The concept of the immortal wanderer was interesting, and I liked the way you developed the characters in the short time that you had. It was especially interesting the way that you decided to shape the protagonist, and how he avoided finding out the answer to his condition. I thought this was altogether a good piece of writing.

Eleanor Shamble (Student 2018)
Eleanor Shamble

I loved the library scene, especially the part where he didn't want a book and got one anyway. The sci-fi was very interesting and I think it worked well. I'm thinking about how much it would suck to be immortal