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In the last 2 blog post I talked about my Moms condition and I shared a link to my interview that I did with the Doctor, if you didn't get a chance to see the video Here it is. In my first blog I introduced all of you to MS and what it is and how it affects the people around me This my first blog post and My second blog post talks about the Original Research that I did, you can view my 2nd Blog Post here. Things that are being done to help raise awareness for MS, like I mentioned before millions of people have MS and they do know about fundraisers such as Walks throughout Philly starting from the Art Museum. They have a bunch of things that they do throughout the entire year Visit this Website  for more info. Doing these fundraisers they raise thousand and the money goes toward research and maybe one day finding a cure for MS, all hopes are high that one day they will.  

For my Agent of Change my Mom and I and a couple of other family members did the MS walk about 3-4 weeks ago here are some photos that I took from the top of the Art Museum Steps.Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 9.08.59 PM.png

Before the walks start they have little booths set up for your convenience and they give you water bottles. Once you return to the Museum they give you food to take on the way back home. Also for my Agent of change I gave a presentation to my class about MS, basically an overview of what's going on, give some examples of the symptoms that my Mom has and things such as that. I have the video Right here click on the hyperlink to see the video that I did in English and the slides that come with it. I felt like doing this project was very interesting in a way, but what really interested me about this project was that it just wasn't some essay or presentation. Going out into the world and actually making a change really changed my view about Project Learning.This project was like a stepping stone into someday changing the world. The idea and things that other people did like coming up with hashtags and making accounts on Twitter was really creative and I'm actually happy that we did this project because I wouldn't have learned so much about my Mom and the disease that she's fighting. I was also really thrilled about doing the original research part of the project I thought that was really fun and cool to do an interview because I have never did one before.

Things that I could have done better with was giving the presentation. I was a little scared the first time just presenting to the class. I still have a lot to cdo and much more to learn about MS and myself.

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Jevon Price (Student 2018)
Jevon Price

I think you did a good job with your final blog post. I liked that there was a thorough description of the Agent of Change. You did a very good and proactive Agent of Change. If I was to change something it would be to talk about the first and second blog post more. And I would have pulled something important from the interview.