Chelsea's Descriptive Essay

The Connection Between Two

Grinding her teeth as she looked up at the clock seeing that she was now over 20 minutes late from when she had made plans. She started throwing the towels out of the bathroom door, into the hallway to form a pile to take down stairs to the laundry room. Next thing you know all you hear throughout the house is “Crash!”    

My mom, my sister and me all dropped our current work and ran to see the catastrophe that had just happened. One of the high-speed towels thrown by my sister hit the wall and had knocked down my mom’s personal thimble collection that consisted of every trip she ahs been on, everything from the shore to the islands. Luckily not all had fell and out of the ones that did fall only three broke. The thimbles sat on a shiny thin shelf and had three shelves built in. It was stained dark brown. It was open to touch and look at but I guess that’s not the best way to keep them on display, but it was still extremely upsetting. 

From the look on my mothers face, I just completely understood, the emotion of losing something, something really special. My mother’s collection of thimbles is like bits of memory of her past life, where she has been and what she has seen. The breaking of one if these thimbles are like losing that memory forever. It was heartbreaking; I could see it in her eyes. I feel that this feeling is mutual; everyone has been there and knows the feels. Everyone has that one thing that gives their life meaning, the one thing that shows their life in a nutshell. From everything bad you encounter in life comes something so great, that one thing that tops the bad and keeps your train chugging on down the tracks; it’s when something so great happens. Not something huge in life, but that tiny little surprise that really makes your day. We have all been there, and so have I. 

We all waited recklessly while my mother was gone, we all waited for the bells on the door to jingle to let us know that she was home and that the dinner too. My mother walked in the door, no not with a big brown paper bag with grease stains, she walked in with a huge bat and pumpkin orange bucket with a high thin handle which my mom was holding it from. The bucket had lines of dark purple as well.

After dinner that night, I was honored to get the empty bucket of where our dinner had been the hour pervious. It had been washed out and scrubbed hard to get rid of all the sauce and the smell. It now smelled like show kind f apple, that’s the kind of soap we had that week.  I was blown away at the fact that this bucket had just become mine! I knew I had to use it for something good and what was better then to make my stickers into a great big collection, because it was something that was important to me and was something I used often. I wanted to show it off and make people wonder what is the content of this bucket. “Thanks, mom. I love Halloween!” I remember saying to my mom, while I waked away with the bigger grin that I can ever remember on my face. 

The smallest things can make one so happy. When it relates to something so great, like ones collection. Though this collection of mine is just pieces of paper decorated with random picture with a layer of sticky glue on the back, making easy to put these picture everywhere. Adding on to collections no matter what kind, it feels great, it makes you feel that you have expanded on life and that your life is meaningful. It’s a measure of where you been and your amount of effort. 

This material things that we find so important, important enough to cry over and important enough to spent more on, why are they so important. These material things all have meaning; like my mom says only you know where you have been and what you have gone through, only you know how to live your future, it all depends on your past. It is important to reflect in your life, look back on what you have done and know what you want your future to look at. Collects are pictures and objects that show this in a nutshell. 

Now that I am older, my collects are still with me and I am able to look back and see the Teletubbies stickers that I had when I was 6 and remember how important they were to me, and that my favorite one was the yellow Teletubbie whose name was Lala. They aren’t something you can find in stores anymore. I still have the stickers from my clown birthday party that I had at my house in pre-K. I even still have my Pokémon book full of all my teaching stickers that I used for when I played school. Everything shows different chapters in my life, and allows me to hold onto that memory. Collections help adults and teens hold on to the child in them and always remember the stages in their life and reflect them. It’s like the retro clothes your mom still has from when she was in high school in the 70s. It allows you to grasp the meaning in what life truly has in store for you.