Chelsea Ann Smith

Mi Rutina Diaria (: 

What did you learn from doing this project? (skills, life lessons, words etc) 
I learned how to say all the words i used in the movie, also how to conjugate the words correctly. I also realized all the stuff I do during my day that I normally take for granted. I was able tot make the movie and have it flow and be something interesting to watch.

How do you feel about your final product?
I think it turned out really good. I think I should of had a closing slide or something, but I thought it was interesting and funny. Also I tried really hard for it to be something that people would want to watch.

If you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently/the same?

I would try and use other programs and mix things up, also to try and add other things I do during the day. I used still images maybe next time have it be video, but i would continue to use a song and have subtitles. I think them two things really worked well. 

Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?

I did enjoy this project. I love making movies and stuff and the topic of it wasn't to hard either. It was about what we did during the day, but there was so much person creativity which was great. It was fun!