Citizenship Homework

I for got to write the question with that answer so I don't really remember. I really like this project it was very easy.

Person #1: Woman
  • She comes to vote because she says it's her right
  • "Every vote counts and my vote can be the one that decide who will win."
  • She was more involve in the the campaign.
  • A lot of campaigns where seen over TV "I just tired of it"
  • There won't any change with our system.

Person #2: Man

  • He came to vote for "Change"
  • He said that he would like it if "the cost of education goes down and a stronger economy.
  • He would like to maintain the social liberties.
  • Believes his vote will effect change
  • The campaign was really talked about.

Person #3: Man

  • He want to vote just to pick the next president.
  • He would like there to be more jobs
  • He just votes fore big elections

Person #4: Man

  • He voted every election so it wasn't much of a change
  • He learned about voting in school.
  • Every vote counts. It can make a difference
  • The election of 2008 was one that he remembers well.

Person #5: Man

  • He voted in every election.
  • doesn't think that his vote will impact much.