Clearly Cianni

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What I learned from doing this assignment was that when making a slide your things should be centered and should have a theme that is going to catch the viewers eye also it should not be sloppy. For my second slide I decided to just start all over because I felt I could make a better slide. For my new slide I made it plain but something that would catch the viewers eyes. Also I made sure it was centered and nothing came off the slide. It is important to do research before a project because you wont be able to meet all the requirements if you don't do research 

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Thomas Gualtieri (Student 2020)
Thomas Gualtieri

The slide looks nice and simple, good job using a pixelated font, that was a good choice. I'm just wondering (unless you're a world class pac-man master) how pac-man really represents you as a person?

Benjamin Rivera (Student 2020)
Benjamin Rivera

Nice job keeping it simple you add some creativity which makes this slide work because I feel like your slide attracts the viewers eye with the pacman and your name acting like the pellets.

Timothy Williams (Student 2020)
Timothy Williams

this slide works because its plain and the point is easy and clear to get across. however, at the same time there's nothing really to change…whatever you do to help that, is up to you.

Karen Ossowski (Student 2020)
Karen Ossowski

This slide is very simple and eye catching because of the bright colors. If i was going down the highway, this would catch my eye and i would be left wondering what it was (in a good way, for example, if it was a website i would visit it)