Climate Change Monologue

In this unit we have studied, learned and reviewed the impact of climate change, equality from more developed countries to third-world countries and the challenges they can cause. Before we began this unit I knew about climate change but I didn't care much for it. Nor did I care about how it will effect our future because I was aware that some major worldwide outbreak or etc. could possibly end our humanity as a whole. Once I began to learn more about it I noticed that there was a much bigger problem and it also impacts others and not just myself. Watching videos from girls my age and seeing how they have to live on a daily made me really see how different we are. In addition to how different our lifestyles are. Leading me towards my goal in my monologues, no matter your age you can have a opinion on our world and how we handle it. However, it's how we handle it to better or worsen our future that matters. With this goal I tried to capture the readers' attention from writing in 2 different age groups and also even from an animals perspective, because they matter too! Having an open-mindset to different things can lead you to a new perspective in life and how you hope for your future to prosper as. 

Monologue #1​:

-Charlie; China (Smog/Air Pollution)

(A 12 year old boy in a hospital Shanghai is clutching onto, half of what would’ve been, a small teddy bear drenched in tears)

There wasn’t much of nothing left of Barry. I see a reflection of this* bear in our humanity, in our future. Not only my people but everybody. Everybody can slowly but surely deteriorate. There is no way we can survive as a humanity if we are killing each other with violence but also within the air we, at least try to breathe. I have cancer. Lung Cancer to be exact. Well Susan, there’s no way around that. Okay well maybe I can change the ramifications of my answer you suggest.  I think that we can begin to show awareness you know. Listen to the information being said to us. Okay so you don’t seem to be listening. There is a problem in our world. It began with us so it will end with us. I know I’m only 12 and dying but I know a thing or two about our world and how we treat it. This air was semi-clean before we put pollutants and toxics everywhere and into everything. Compressing it and spacing it into the beautiful thing called air. (Coughs) Do you know how it feels to be unable to Hold your breathe for 10 seconds. Okay now add 10 more. You passed? Well keep on doing the math. There will come a point where you will become numb. That’s your lungs not working. Your body is reacting. What you felt is what I felt walking to school that morning. I just thought maybe my mask was too tight. The small strands of thread were apart of this system of more threads and they got together and planned on taking me out. Wait, or maybe that was just our current fossil fuel leaders adding more pollutants in the already present and blinding fog. You're looking at me. Why with such amazement? A young boy can take on the attitude of a man but his actions matter more than just his words or small emotions towards a situation. I was raised with that quote in my home. I knew about global warming from my parents introducing it to me however it wasn’t as bad then as it is now. It has grown 40% from Human society.What are my goals for the future?... I mean well. I’m not sure exactly. I just know that we really need to save the systems that make the earth compatible with humans. How are those goals? Anything you put your mind and motivate yourself towards can become a goal. (Coughs) Final words? “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” -Frederick Douglass.

Monologue #2:

-John McCormick - Chicago, Illinois (greenhouse effect)

(A slim around 5’7 man is meeting his wife and daughter at a eco-friendly restaurant until they come he is in the foyer on the phone with his assistant.)

Monica, I’ll call you back.. No, no, she’s calling me again. Yes! I said that I wasn’t alone. Well okay I’ll see you in the morning. Oh yea, M? Just uh make sure you take a list of all my appointments. Yea thanks. (Walks towards table) Hello, beautiful number 1 and beautiful number 2. I would give you two hugs but I smell like gas. Why do you look so angry Amy? My job.. Is there a problem you have with my job? Oh so there is. Well you minus well take that up with the CEO. Haha and it seems to be that he has an open appointment to meet with you right now. Yes now. At this very second sweetheart. That’s why we are here. I got promoted! Thank you and thank - why do you still have an attitude missy? It’s more money. Money matters right? That’s how you eat. That phone that’s in your back pocket probably is paid to be turned on with these dollar bills in daddy’s pockets. How else do you think that it happens? No offense sweetie, but your mother? Women aren’t as equally great in political debates or discussions so how could they lead a city? A nation? A world? A company. It’s the little people that matter the most yes. So no I’m not saying you don’t matter. I’m saying that you don’t matter as importantly on a scale as - Oh yes a menu for three would be delightful. Ladies, drinks? Avoiding the topic of conversation? I would never. It’s simply that the waitress came over and asked about our order. Which really brings me back to my point, money. Everything has to deal with money in some type of way. Nothing comes free. Remember that. Our earth came free without pollutants in the air? that’s what you're saying. Now you know Daddy goes to a conference downtown every four years or so to discuss matter like this. Small belittling silly matters. It’s not silly? Oh but I believe you're wrong. It is very silly. The challenge for climate change is how we change it but it doesn't exist. There was period where the earth was too cold. You think people would’ve cried more about receiving hypothermia from touching a metal teaspoon but nope. (Smacks Air) You’ll are crying over a myth. Not only is it a myth but it’s a constant contradicting subject. All of those who are so quick to jump on another human about climate change you are also one of the few bystanders but more of contributing towards it as well!  But we can change that? Are you flipping serious?! Change doesn't happen because people click like on facebook but change happens from people like us. Not me. Like you? No. You drove here earlier. How Amy how? That’s a contribution. Those who don’t believe in it seem to have more understanding on why than those who choose to believe in this mess. It’s hard to perceive it as a threat if we are still alive. Right? So the message or goal here is not for you both to become hypocritical to the subject but to open your eyes and see that there is no way to go around it so you minus well join it.  You sound displeased but there is no way to control a natural thermostat. What’s that? Well that would  be Co2 and it is trapped, which is scientifically proven. For some of you who thinks it’s unfortunate, you just have to get off your high horses. Place your feet in the warming sand, under the blazing sun and every rising temperature level of this beautiful warming oven called earth.

Monologue #3:  

-Marty the Parrot -Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Co2 in our atmosphere from our own natural resources)

(Colorful as the rainbows In the skies, a small parrot is resting at the very top of a tree in a nest, along the new grounds of a construction site)

Goodmorning, beautiful morning after a night full of rain. Everything is happy now. It's a better start and a celebration towards new beginnings after rainstorms. That's part of the reason why I move to this lovely city. I'm originated from El Salvador. However they weren't taking care of their trees and other natural sources to see the importance of it. Everything works as a system in the wild. One bigger animal ears a smaller animal and there's a chain. In addition to the system of our ecosystem. Trees give some of us shelter and even food. However lately, that hasn't mattered. We've went from adoring us to not even caring if we are extinct. Until exactly every single last one of us is gone there won't be much talk about "Saving our animals of the Amazon." We don't matter as much they’re fossil fuels or large corporations. However, this place is different, (Interrupted by the sounds of sawing wood) I wonder what that is. Wait! Woah! Sir you can’t do that. I live here as well as many other animals. I knew that this illiterate man couldn’t hear me because he had these big black upside nests on his ears. SIR! SIR! I’m telling you to stop this instant! I’ll just go up to him than. Looking from above I don’t see anything except my family falling apart. My community dying. Uh, you just don’t understand man. When do you guys ever understand. It’s about how we handle the problem! Since 2004 our forest has decreased 40%! That’s a la… this is large. The look of the forest from up here. The amazon is vast of trees and it’s our lungs of the world. This isn’t the time for changes! Lately all of our changes haven’t been working in the best of all ways. this world needs a change... For the better! Not a change that’s causing us to lose more animals or changes that’s killing each other. We have to be alive to change the future or else there will be no future.

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