Climate Change Monologue Project

Part I: In our World History class we are learning about climate change, and how it affects the world and things of that nature. My partner, Ona, and I made our monologues from the views of different people. My first monologue is about a girl who does a presentation about climate change to her 7th grade class. She shows how she feels about climate change. My second monologue is about a man in Australia who has a dream about viewing climate change. He learns how climate change affects him and other people.
Part II:
1st Monologue

Hi, My Name is Mona

I can’t believe I’m about go up in front of the class. Someone always getting picked on for doing things like this. Hi, my name is Mona  I know most of you probably don’t know me. I’m up here to show you guys my presentation on climate change. I feel like it’s important that children my age should know about climate change. I say this because when we grow up, we will already know about climate change and we can help make India get better when climate change happens. Droughts are happening. People are dying. House are tearing apart. What if this happened to you? What if you lost your home? Your family? Your food? Your everything? These things are what kids our age take for granted. And I feel like I should let people know about this. Furthermore, there are many effects of climate change. For example, year after year, the Baghmatti River fills up with rain and rushes down from the Himalayas to small villages and tears down people’s homes.  It pulls away cattle and goats, it knocks down many mud houses, and it killed a large number of people. This made many people sad, like Pavan Devi. His 19-year-old son, Vikas Kumar, was swept away by a fast moving stream, when he went to a communial toilet in the fields. In Dhanaur, for almost three months of monsoon, everyone’s lives depend on the water’s mercy. The ones left save food and grains and save firewood, to prepare for this yearly calamity. The poor people beg for food to borrow and eat, and they camp out on higher in tents that are made of cement bags. Now, because of the monsoon and climate change, these people live differently.  I think we should make a change, by helping these people and other people. We should come together as one and help each other! Thank you for your time.

2nd Monologue


All I see is darkness. Where am I? This doesn’t look like Australia. Is this Australia? Where’s my wife? Where’s the rest of the factory workers? It’s so hot here! (Rubs eyelids) Oh, everything is looking clearer now... I can see better now. And there’s my beautiful wife Olivia. She’s fanning herself. Olivia! Olivia! I wonder why can’t she hear me. It’s starting to get really hot again. I realized, she can’t see me, so I guess I’ll go see what the boys are up to.

(Jack walks away. He walks to the factory) Whew! It’s cold. (Looks to the other men) And there’s the boys! (Waves trying to get their attention) Oliver! Isaac! Henry! (Looks I guess they can’t hear me either. I wonder why? (Jack notices that Oliver, Isaac, and Henry are wearing winter coats and are shivering as they try to work He looks away) Now it’s cold! (Shivers) The weather has been very strange today. The climate is changing like crazy today! (Jack walks out of the factory and onto the street and sees two homeless men) Do you have any money you can spare mate? The weather is crazy out here! No! (Jack runs away. He looks up to the sky. He notices that it is cloudy) Today has not been a good day. Olivia doesn’t talk to me. Oliver, Isaac, and Henry won’t talk to me either. Can this day get any worse? (Jack hears a roar of thunder and it starts to rain) Just great. Really great. Thank you mother nature! Thank you for being hot, and cold, and rainy! (Jack puts his head down and starts walking forward) Jack! (Jack picks his head up and looks at the person speaking  Don’t worry Jack. It’s just climate change. You’re noticing how the climate is changing. Also, this is a dream. (Olivia dissapears. Jack sits up on his bed. He looks to his left to see his wife Olivia. He kisses her on her left cheeck and runs outside. He sees his group of friends from the factory. He sees the 2 homeless men and gives them 20 dollars) Here! Have a good day mate! You don’t know what you have til it’s gone.

3rd Mononlogue

Robby, 17 year old boy  (Sjögren's syndrome, Smart.)

Human Health


Good Morning,  How's everyone feeling ? I’m here to talk about the climates impact on health. Some of you may walk away with the feeling of wanting to help, others with the feeling why do I care. But the goal I hope to accomplish is only making you aware of it. But Let me tell you a little about who I am.  My name is Robby I was diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome when I was 6 years old, I am now 17. It was a shock to everyone, because no one had the syndrome in the family, so it wasn’t hereditary. At first we thought I had lupus, but with a serious amount of other tests ran we discovered the real thing was Sjögren’s Syndrome. I used to feel like an outcast, I was different, I couldn’t do what other kids did. The simple things I couldn’t do. for a while my  best friend was an oxygen mask. When I started to get better and regularly take my medicine, I started to meet people with the same disease. In school, I had more confidence and I actually began to join different groups. I started to invest my time in environmental science. It became a hobby. **You have any water ? Thank you, my mouth was a little dry. I’m sorry class, Okay good, I’ll continue. Around the time of the spring that just passed, I started to experience a more intense pain. Every so often I would have this feeling, my heart would  run a mile a minute. At any moment it felt like it would burst. My chest would tighten like a fist beginning to close. I’ve never took anything for granted, because that feeling burned in my chest every time I did. Of course my parents and I  were worried so I went back to the doctors. I was switched to different and stronger medicines. One of my doctors mentioned the change in my health might be due to the environmental changes. I was very book savvy and already involved in science so I did some research. I found that climate change affects those with respiratory issues and allergies. Along with asthma, food borne, insect borne, and heat related issues. The respiratory and allergy related issues applied to me, so I did further research. The spring pollen season was happening earlier and lasting longer. For example, Ragweed is a popular flowering plant and it was shown that the amount of pollen production is increased during this spring season. Tests on ragweeds also showed that high carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures increased the amount. This not only told me that I needed to take my medicine, but told me there are high carbon dioxide levels. This carbon dioxide is causing climate change and pollution is due to carbon dioxide emissions.  **Gasp, I just said a lot . Everyone with me ? Kinda ? No ? Okay. So all this carbon dioxide we’re producing is polluting our air and effecting things that we may not know about. Which is our health. I thought this needed to be shared to other people, as young children we may feel like we can’t make big changes. But we sometimes fell to realize the little things we do can contribute to the big. Awareness is change, people’s knowledge and views change due to awareness. Twice a week I visit schools like yours and find kids who are interested in taking apart in the this movement. Thank you for your time. A you all have been a great audience. ** Sigh of  relief* Okayyyy mom, I’ll be down in a sec. I Guess I better run through it again after dinner so I’ll be ready for the big day tomorrow.