Communists In Vietnam: Post for Change

   The things that are done currently to raise awareness to my topic is a petition posted the official website of the White House. They put up a petition asking President Obama to help them find a solution to this problem. So far they have 150,000 signatures. There is also a video on YouTube that shows one of Viet Khang’s song asking the people who are watching the video to donate money. To an organization that is set up to help Viet Khang get out of jail. There is also a movement called the Viet Khang Movement. This movement is a organizations that matters in global, political, human rights,religious freedom and social equality. This group so far has set up two events. These two events are meetings where hundreds of Viet-American delegates come to protest against the administration and also to deliver their petition to the administration. The second event is about to present their concerns over the problem of human rights violation and also press release of Viet Khang and other prisoners that are put into jail for expressing their opinion.
   ​What should change about Vietnam is that the government should give the people democracy. They should give the citizens freedom in what they want to do or not to do, instead of letting the country crumble because the citizens and the government won’t cooperate. Also the citizens will continue to protest and go against the government's decision for the country. The ways I’m proposing for change is that I’m going to make a petition to sent to President Obama stating that he should send help over to Vietnam to help those prisoners get their freedom and go back to their family. The petition will also propose to the President that he should help Vietnam turn into a democratic country. This petition sends a good explanation of why he should help the country turn into a democratic country.  To give the people a chance to choose who they want to run for president or to choose the option of whenever or not the country should sell themselves to China or not. Here is the link to the petition and please sign it because your signatures counts.
If you want to start your own petition for your own cause here is the website to do so.

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The bibliography for the entire project. Here is the link for the bibliography.

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