Crossing a child's boundaries, from a girl to a woman

Determination is a key to succeeding in life. Can determination push you to cross boundaries? In my podcast my mother, now 38 years old, Tylene Lane, will tell us her story on how crossed the boundaries from a girl/ child to a woman. 


To cross a boundary is to do something to offend someone, or to do something that you know you aren’t supposed to do. Crossing boundaries for the most part only has negative effects, because it offends someone else. There could be good results for crossing a boundary for you because most of the time you cross them for a personal benefit. I didn’t really learn anything new but I discovered exactly how my mom felt about the situation and how the people around her reacted. No, garageband was really easy and fun to use. I agreed so I just made it a little more interesting and because I couldn’t get the interview from my grandma I had to add more from my mom. I felt a strength was editing it and getting to the point on how she crossed a boundary.

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Jamira Carter (Student 2015)
Jamira Carter

I was so interested in was absolutely amazing and your mom answered the questions very thoroughly.The only suggestion I have is to turn down the instrumental because it was heard to hear your mother and some parts.

Richard Yoeun (Student 2015)
Richard Yoeun

I like the story and the intro to your podcast. In my opinion I didn't hear the audio because the music was a bit too loud but overall it was a terrific podcast.