Cyberbullying Blog Post 1: Reginald Simmons


The issue I chose for my “You and The World” project is bullying. Specifically, cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is any type of bullying that involves using internet or other interactive technologies, to repeatedly harm a person. It’s just like regular in-person bullying, but instead of being in front of the victim, the offender uses a social website, mostly, to deliver what they have to say. Most cyber bullying takes place on social networking and blogging sites, and is mostly done by users who are anonymous. Though cyber bullying may not seem to be as effective as in-person bullying, it is just as serious and dangerous.

Why Do People Cyberbully?

There are many different reasons that people cyber bully others. Some of the most common and frequent reasons are pique, revenge or vexation. Sometimes, people do it simply because they can, or because they’re bored, etc. Also, in many cases, people will do it because others are doing it. People will also bully for their own entertainment. People who like to be on top of everyone else may do it as a reminder that the victim is less than them, which is a moral of a corrupt dictator. Though there are very many reasons people cyberbully, whatever reason it is, is wrong.

How Do People Cyberbully?

Just as there are many reasons why people cyberbully, there are also many ways for them to do it. Someone could make an anonymous post on someone’s blog making an offensive statement. Someone could make a page dedicated to put another person down, and invite many people into it. A group of friends could gang up on one person, and bombard them with horrible comments. The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, certainly doesn’t apply to everyone; many people can be more hurt by words than they can be by physical pain.

**click here for a link to a website dedicated to cyberbullying awareness.

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Zoe Siswick (Administrator)
Zoe Siswick

I enjoyed the way that you divided your post into different headings. Cyber-bullying is a serious issue with teens nationwide. I also appreciated your link to an outside website dedicated to cyberbullying awareness. Thank you for sharing!

Jasmine Nieves (Student 2015)
Jasmine Nieves

I noticed this project was about cyber bulling and bulling itself. I wonder if more awarnesses of this kind will be distributed to all around the world. What it couldn't happen. What would you do to help bring the message out to the world? You would have to set out a great example for the rest of the world. Your project really spoke about how bullying affects other people. Good work.