Daily Routine


This assignment taught me how to describe my daily routine. It helped me learn some key things. It helped me learn how to say helpful things like brush your teeth, sleep, get dressed, and much more. I enjoyed learning those types of words more in depth because they could come in very hand y while in a Spanish speaking environment. 


I learned that my routines are some what different depending on which house I stay at, even though I didn't specify which house I do certain things at in my project. I learned as I mentioned before ways of telling people what I do on a daily basis that could in handy if I'm in a spanish speaking environment. These will be very useful in communication. I used Inquiry to research words and verbs in dictionaries. I used research throughout my inquiry by using people and dictionaries as sources. I used collaboration by peer editing other people's PASOS, and by having other people edit mine. I used presentation by making my video to show that I can pronounce the words correctly and by showing people what I have learned. And reflection is what I am currently doing. I would separate it into weekdays and weekends and by which parent's house I am at. My daily routine changes depending on which house I am at, and what day it is. In my project I tried to incorporate some of what I do at both of my parent's houses.  

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