Day in the Life

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Nicholas Lepera (Student 2016)
Nicholas Lepera

1: You pointed out the simple flaws in not just our societal system, but our government and educational systems. Each day we wake up at the same time, we do the same things, not at our own will, but because we are told to forced to. Your mental and physical health are not taken into concern even though what you are being forced into is affecting you in more negative ways than positive. It is almost as if for many of us are life is just a skipping record repeating the same distorted sounds endlessly until somebody removes the needle from the track.

2: This conncected with my thoughts and how I feel about my daily life being dictated by outside sources. How the sleep schedule I'm forced on does not fit who I am as a person and holds me back from my true potential. The train track I'm put on goes too fast go benefit me yet those above me feel as if this is the only way to benefit me and prepare me for life. But what life? Who dictates what life Im being prepared for? Excellent video, very relatable on my part.

William Derry (Student 2016)
William Derry

The system that is represented in this video is human, She is walking around with a camera taped to her body.

Yes. This project pushed my thinking. I was amazed by the camera and how it was with her all day. She had a very good video and I thought it was great and creative.

Sean Morris (Student 2016)
Sean Morris
  1. I would say that social systems are what is mostly represented because of how Anna interacts with others and how she interacts with her environment. Like when she was in debate she brought up how the world would respond to that situation she presented, she showed how people in general might react to certain situations.

  2. I would say it did, because of how much Anna was able to notice makes me wonder what I would notice if I filmed myself.

Rafi Hares (Student 2016)
Rafi Hares
  1. The system addressed here was the system is the system of an average life.

  2. It made me wonder about the effects of the little decisions I make everyday in life. How the smallest choice can make the biggest differences in everyday life.

Gina Sorgentoni (Student 2016)
Gina Sorgentoni
  1. The system of daily life was represented, with the speed up clips of your footage you showed effectively what the day in the life of a teenager is like.
  2. Yes, it made me think about my life and everyone's around me, and how quickly is all goes by.
Raz Reed (Student 2016)
Raz Reed
  1. The system of everyday life was represented. You showed how each moment had effects and consequences.

  2. Yes, it was very poetic and made me think about the complexity of certain everyday events.

Adowa Mohamed (Student 2016)
Adowa Mohamed
  1. The system of how people go about their daily lives and the school system.
  2. It did in a way. Now I want to walk around and record my whole day because that was very interesting and she even reflected on what little things she noticed.
Clio Fleece (Student 2016)
Clio Fleece

OMG so cool.
1) The main system that I think was represented was simply the system of daily life. While it was simply footage of, well, a day in the life of Anna, the way she analyzed it made it into so much more.
2) This project did push my thinking, because I have never thought about a normal day at school the way Anna described, and now that I've seen this I might.