Delijah Meas Capstone

For my senior capstone project I constructed a few bulletin board pieces based on mental health. These boards were interactive and all the art pieces were made by me. The reason I chose to design my project around this topic is because mental health has always been a topic of interest to me especially because it’s a huge part of my life and others around me. Being high school students, I think we can all agree that is when everything changes, and students need help more than ever. Not only am I doing a project based on this, but I am also taking it further into my college career which was one of the main reasons as to why I made sure I created something along the topic. This project let me be as creative as possible and I was able to incorporate art into it which again is personal for me. With these bulletin boards the SLA community was able to interact with the board. The goal was to educate and allow people to check in on their mental state from time to time. It might have been something small but sometimes people forget how important that small check in can be. This project allowed me to give something to the community, but it also helped me during the process. What I have here is a slide presentation with the boards I was able to create and put up. Then there is a video in the end that shows some of my process for the boards and some interactions within the community.

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