Y&TW Donald Moses: Agent of Change and mini Reflection

Hello and this is my last post for my Y&TW benchmark. In my previous 2 blogs I talked about internet addiction and one of the physical effect that can happen if you have an internet addiction or if you use your hand for anything non stop. In the first blog I talked about symptoms and how internet addiction is related to other addictions. Another thing from the blog is how some people had different views of why people are addictive to the internet and one of them was connectivity to other people. In my second blog I talked about Carpal tunnel syndrome as it was one thing on my survey that most people had no idea about. Only thing that would raise awareness that I know of is just websites from treatment centers that talk about internet addiction and contact lists for treatments. For my agent of change I did a phone free advisory. At first most of the class hated my idea but soon lightened up as my advisory did good news and shout outs. Then we spent the rest of the day planning a party on thursday which we did had to let a few people take out their electronics so we can figure out the prices. I originally had no idea and asked for help with ideas from my classmates and Ms. Giknis. At first it was stressful because I didn’t know how my advisory mates would take it but it went great so now i'm more calm about my own Y&TW. It was effective as everyone followed along with what I hoped they would of do and i'm glad it went well. At first I felt a little mad that we were getting this benchmark after we just finished another one. After I took it serious I sort of enjoyed it. I learned that people are addicted to both their phones and the internet as Ms. Giknis once said in class that she also seems to be glued to her phone and how she always just turns it on for no reason. I learned I also have an internet addiction that I can control but I always get distracted as last night I wanted to work on this but I just kept watching videos on youtube and as low as I could I yelled at myself at how I have to work on this. I can think of a few ways I could of done my project better and that would be planning it out as I wanted to try and get my agent of change done with all freshmen advisories but the teachers said they had other plans and that I should of asked earlier so time management is one thing I would of changed. Another thing would be me asking for help as most of class I just stayed in my seat thinking about what I would do for my agent of change that I didn’t do the second blog post till the day before it was due. I hope you learned a lot from this so good bye for now.


Donald Moses

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