Element Print Project 2011

The element that I am doing is Manganese, the symbol is Mn and it is number 25 on the periodic table. Some uses of this element are that the dioxide is used in drying paints and it is used in steel, batteries, axles, and rail switches. The way I came up with the idea was that I chose three ideas and then thought that batteries would be cool to do because I didn't know what was in them.

When I first had my idea for my print I was going to have five batteries; three standing and two laying down, that was going to have every detail that a battery have. Then when I was moving forward to putting it on paper and trying to find my negative and positive space, I had came to a problem. The problem was some of the line for the print shouldn't have been there and that some of the picture wasn't going to be able to be seen because of the negative space. So I did it over and had some out and had some line thicker. After getting the perfect picture that I wanted I transferred it to the linoleum block and then printed it by putting paint on it then putting it on paper. Then I did the final touches by ripping the edges off.

When I was working on this project, I thought that it was going to be super easy but I was wrong, there was some difficulties. One was cutting out the picture in the linoleum block. Another thought was that it was going to be fun  and it was. If I was to do it different I would choose another idea because I wouldn't mind going through that experience again since now I know what i am doing.