Element Print Project 2011

- What is your element?
- What are some things your element are used for?
- How did you come up with the idea for your print?
- What steps did you take from your idea for the print to the final print?
- What are your thoughts on the project?
- What would you do differently if you did this project again?

My element is called cobalt.

My element is use to make phones, parts of cars, for teeth and bullets.

My idea was that I would draw a poisonous frog and a skull and crossbones since this element is know to be poisonous this will tell them just that.

The steps I took to get to my Idea of a poisonous frog and a skull and crossbones was that at first I started to think that the it a German name means evil spirit. Then I thought about bullets but then it came to me since it is a poisonous metal I might as well make have something to do with poison.

This project was very fun we had to do a lot but I liked it a more then the other projects that we had.

What I would have do differently is that I would have thought of something more then just a
poisonous frog and a skull and crossbones I would have look into the project more and I might have fun something that I like more then what I had.