"Element Print Project 2011"

Name: Einsteinium, Origin: After Albert Einstein

Symbol: Es

Atomic Number of Protons/ Electrons: 99, Mass: (252.0) amu

Valence: It goes up by 2 each shell. 

Discovery: Bec, 1952 by Albert Ghiorso. Universirty of California, Berkely, Argronne, and Los Almos.


Classification: Rare Earth

Something Interesting: This was man made.

 When I read about my element radioactivity came to my head so I tried to make my design radioactive.
 The steps I took was to make a earth with a satellite that gives off a signal with waves.
 I really like my project I think my picture looks cool and the information about this element is interesting.
 I would just make a better picture or choose a different element.