Element Print Project 2011 (Smith)

 ​Rhodium is the name of the element
 Symbol: Rh
 Atomic number: 45 
 Atomic weight: 102.905
 Item used in picture. A One Gram Coin.

 Used for Jewelry.


 There were many different ways in which I came up with this project. One of the most 

 important ways was doing research for the project. I had got a lot of information about this
 specific element. While researching I had decided to pick three different items I might do for 

 this project. The three items I picked for this project were earrings, a coin and a metal cell 

 phone. I thought that the coin was more useful because there was a lot of negative and positive 

 space in it. I also thought it would be fun to carve and matt the picture on a piece of paper. It 
 actually turned out to be good.

  In order to craft such a great project it required a lot of steps. First I had get a piece of Lanolium 

  block and carefully carve the coin in it. After that I had to carve out the positive and negative spaces. 
  After this step I had to paint and paste the coin on four different sheets of paper that measured 6 by 6. Next I      had to wait until all four of the sheets of paper are dry and then tear a piece of the paper off to make ridges on    the sides of the paper. After that I had to matt each picture to a 8 by 8 black piece of paper. Then take a picture  of one picture and upload it to the SLA blog. If you met these requirements then you had success with this  project.

 Overall I thought that this project was very fun and I really enjoyed doing it. I would really enjoy doing it        again for future references.

  If I would have to do this project over again I would make sure that I work in class and out of class. Also I    would make sure that I complete everything on time and be more discipline so that I can get the job done. 

~Background Information~

 Was found by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803.